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Chongqing assembled Residential

Chongqing assembled Residential

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Chongqing assembled Residential is a green energy-saving building advocated by the State, composed of precast concrete structure, steel structure, wood structure and other structural components. Through engineering production and site assembly construction, to achieve safe, durable, fast construction, low-carbon environmental protection construction objectives, can greatly reduce construction waste and construction sewage, reduce construction noise, improve construction quality. A large number of production of stairs, balconies, roofs and walls are on the factory production line, and then shipped to the stone old site for assembly, assembly into high-rise buildings, this Russian-style square architectural style has entered our lives, and is promoting the production of assembled residential housing in China.

Assembled structure wall plate set insulation, internal and external painting, pipe pre-buried and other processes in one. From the point of view of the whole construction process, the cost of farmers ' housing construction has been greatly reduced and a large amount of expenditure has been saved. As the whole assembled building in China is still in its infancy, the frame shear wall structure is an important strategic means for the development of PC architecture in rural market, including independent foundation, internal and external walls, beams, floors, roofs and so on. The overall structural design first follows the principle of uniform stiffness. Each module adopts the ring beam penetrating form, and the module adopts Yin-yang tenon or tenon grouting method to connect the whole. The housing structure is mainly connected by a wall panel. The fixed steel bar of the wall plate is connected with the foundation or ring beam. The wall panel is connected by a ring beam. The two floors above the floor are filled with prefabricated hollow plates at both ends. The whole structure is connected with the ring beam by grouting and planting tendons.

Chongqing assembled residential (especially reinforced concrete and clay assembled residential) as a new technical means of housing construction at present, has covered the content of industrialization, industrialization and industrialization. It promotes the transformation of traditional building mode to modern architectural mode, such as intensification, economy, greening, environmental protection and science and technology, and is a new carrier of green building. There are two main reasons for the origin of an assembled shell. First, the industrial Revolution caused a large number of farmers to concentrate on the city, leading to the rapid development of the urbanization movement, housing demand greatly increased, promoting the transformation of the construction mode. Second, after World War II, the demand for urban housing increased dramatically. At the same time, the destruction of the war has led to a reduction in the housing stock, the demobilization of a large number After decades or even hundreds of of years of development, the Western developed countries of the assembly-type housing has developed to a relatively mature and perfect stage. Japan, the United States, Australia, France, Sweden and Denmark are typical countries.