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Assembled Resort & amp; spa

Assembled Resort & amp; spa

Product Details

Prefabricated block materials used in assembled resorts are suitable for the construction of 3-5-storey buildings. If the strength or reinforcement of the block is increased, the number of layers can be increased appropriately. The block building has strong adaptability, simple production process, simple construction and low cost, and can also make use of local materials and industrial waste. Block can be divided into small, medium and Big three kinds: Small block suitable for manual handling and masonry, low degree of industrialization, flexibility and convenience, can be widely used; medium block can be lifted by small machinery, can save masonry labor; Large blocks have been replaced by prefabricated large plates. There are two kinds of solid blocks and hollow blocks, and most of the solid blocks are made of lightweight materials. Block seam is an important link to ensure the strength of masonry. Cement mortar is generally used for masonry. Small blocks can also be used as casing instead of dry blocks, which can reduce wet operations in construction. Some masonry surfaces are treated and can be used as water walls.

The assembly resort mainly includes: high-end hot spring hotel and spa experience, modular hot spring Chalet luxury hotel, green water room, equestrian club, outdoor sports experience area, children's dream amusement park, tent camp, lighting music interactive fountain, night show, Smart Park system, City furniture, hotel trance sculpture, mountain art lighting, Public green space lighting, and so on, the rich and differentiated experience will become the favorite of tourism consumption in the new era, and become the leader of the new tourism mode. Here, on the one hand, the "wild" scenery of the area is naturally pleasant, on the other hand, the design of the "wild" is not only full of wild fun, but also perfect unity with nature. The interpretation of "luxury", on the one hand, is the quality of "luxury", to meet the needs of guests with high quality and comfortable life experience, on the other hand, it is the spirit of "luxury", the perfect combination of art, culture, nature, experience a unique and unforgettable holiday experience.