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Chongqing Eco-Villa

Chongqing Eco-Villa

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In the design of Chongqing Ecological Villa, we must first ensure that the whole building structure meets the actual construction requirements. In the specific design, the designer through reasonable planning, reduce the consumption of building materials. For example, calculate the small reinforcement rate to reduce metal consumption. In order to improve the hardness of concrete, some additives can be added to concrete according to the design characteristics. Considering the overall insulation design of residential buildings, it can also play a role in reducing the use of building materials. At the same time, through reasonable proportional control of doors and windows, the temperature balance of indoor and outdoor space is realized.

Ecological building materials are mainly separated from ecological environment materials. Ecological building materials are original ecological pollution-free materials. The use of ecological building materials can effectively protect the natural ecological environment and save a lot of resources. In ecological architectural design, ecological building materials must be used to make full use of and recycle materials to ensure the coordination and friendliness of ecological environment and architecture. Relationship to improve the overall quality of the building. There is a significant difference between ecological building materials and common new building materials: Although the new building materials have green function in specific links, there are still environmental pollution problems after use. For example, in the use of ceramic materials, although it has ecological characteristics, but in the use of ceramic materials are discarded, there will be non-degradable problems, serious damage to the natural ecological environment. Ecological building materials are mainly natural resources, do not pollute the natural environment, after use will not adversely affect people's lives, can be recycled and degraded.