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Chongqing assembled Building

Chongqing assembled Building

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Chongqing assembled Building (Chongqing assembled Houses) The basic concept refers to buildings assembled in the field with prefabricated components. As early as the early 20th century, assembly-type buildings attracted wide attention. Later, with the efforts of Britain and France, it began to take shape. Because of the advantages of fast assembly construction speed and low production cost, it has been popularized rapidly all over the world. At present, with the development of science and technology in China and the improvement of people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, assembly-type buildings have been highly valued. Under the influence of assembled buildings in developed areas, some architectural techniques suitable for our country have been developed gradually, and good results have been obtained.

At present, China is in the process of rapid urbanization. The rate of urbanization is growing by 1% a year. By 2020, the urban population will exceed 800 million, the level of urbanization will reach about 60%, the urban population will increase by 300 million, the housing demand will be released in large quantities, and housing construction will remain at a high level for a certain period of time. However, there are some problems in traditional buildings, such as high energy consumption, high energy consumption of resources, many problems of engineering quality and safety, rising labor cost in construction market, shortage of resources, low scientific and technological content, large amount of manual work on site and low production efficiency. China's construction mode of production has an extremely strict impact on ecology, city and industrial structure. A heavy shock. This requires the transformation of traditional building production methods to meet the requirements of sustainable development of the construction industry, so it is imperative to build industrialization.

Chongqing assembly-type building can realize building component, building industrialization and industrialization. Products can be processed according to the needs of the building into the overall wall panels, beams, columns, laminates and other components. Components can be embedded in water, wires, windows and other components, but also according to the need to make wall decoration materials in the factory. Assembled building components in the factory with fixed mold manufacturing, so that products more accurate, more standardized, standardized, integrated, technical standards more easy to unify, that is, modular construction standardization, due to the standardization of assembly building components and factory production, so that assembly building components in the factory manufacturing more accurate, more standardized, standardized , Integration. After shipment to the construction site can be assembled construction, each process can be installed on site, just like the installation of equipment. That is, in the process of sustainable industrialization development, through standardization to promote industrialization, avoid defects, reduce waste, improve efficiency, and gradually form assembly structure system, that is, through industrialization to promote industrialization. With the development of industrialization, assembly-type buildings will gradually be favored by people.