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Bamboo Winding Composite Pipe

Bamboo Winding Composite Pipe

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       Bamboo Winding Composite pipe (Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipeline) Is a new kind of biological material produced by winding process using bamboo as raw material. Bamboo is the main raw material that determines the name of its "Green new material". At present, it is mainly used in the manufacture of composite pressure pipes. In a speech at the 2015 meeting of Directors of the State Forestry Administration, Chang, director of the State Forestry Administration, said the application of new materials for bamboo winding composite tubes had opened up new channels to ensure the security of national resources. From the technical point of view, the success of bamboo winding composite pressure tube has two key points: first, the thin-walled hollow bamboo cut into a bamboo board-shaped strip, and then through the adhesive molding, which is its difficulty and key, and the second is to make full use of the characteristics of bamboo itself, improve the performance of composite pressure pipe. It is a good innovation to apply the manufacturing technology of FRP pipeline to itself. Theoretically, any bamboo can be machined into a winding composite pressure tube. Different bamboo species, different parts can be processed into different pressure levels, different diameters of the pipeline.

Bamboo fiber is an enhanced material for winding composite tubes. The thin-walled hollow bamboo is processed into a continuous strip, and the amino resin is the binder. Pipeline is processed by winding process, no stress defects. Bamboo Composite Pipe has the advantages of high compressive strength, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, good thermal insulation performance and low comprehensive cost, and satisfies the safety evaluation standard of drinking water transmission and distribution equipment. It can replace most of the traditional pipe on the market, such as welded steel pipe, polyethylene pipe, prestressed concrete tubular pipe, etc., widely used in water conservancy transportation, farmland water-saving irrigation, urban drainage and other pipeline transportation industry, greatly reducing the cost of pipeline use. Southeast of plastic, steel, cement and so on. In addition to pressure piping, bamboo winding composite technology can also be used in the manufacture of pipe galleries, large storage tanks and other products.