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Bamboo Winding Pipe Gallery

Bamboo Winding Pipe Gallery

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       Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe GalleryIs a new type of green environmental protection pipeline production materials. Compared with the traditional production technology of PVC, cast iron and other pipelines, it has the advantages of resource regeneration, low carbon environmental protection, fire prevention, water resistance and excellent comprehensive performance. Has passed the State Forestry Administration, Housing Ministry of Science and Technology achievements appraisal. At present, there are engineering technical standards, has been listed by the National Development and Reform Commission as the second batch of national key promotion projects. Low Carbon Technology Catalog. In the future, high energy consumption and high pollution materials such as steel, cement and plastics will be widely replaced to promote sustainable development. Bamboo industry with its low carbon, environmental protection and sustainable development of the trend, has become a globally recognized green industry. In accordance with the ecological priority of green urban development concept, bamboo winding City Integrated Pipe Corridor Project has been the Ministry of Science and Technology, Environmental protection Department, Science and Technology department included in the "Promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction and low-carbon technology results catalogue." Ministry of Industry and Information technology, awarded by the Ministry of Construction as the national construction industry Science and technology achievements promotion project.

Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe Gallery has the characteristics of high cost performance, low carbon environmental protection, strong seismic sedimentation ability, excellent insulation performance, high compressive strength, insulation, corrosion resistance, good water flow performance, light weight, easy installation, long service life and so on. Products are widely used in farmland water-saving irrigation, urban drainage, oilfield pipeline network laying and telecommunications, cable and other engineering fields. It can replace traditional pipes such as plastics, metals, cement and fiberglass. It is a kind of technological innovation product with economies of scale, such as ecology, environment, economy and society. The core technical specification of bamboo winding composites is to give full play to the high axial tensile strength of bamboo and form the distribution of stress-free defects in the product structure. Therefore, bamboo winding composites have strong resistance to pressure, earthquake resistance, sedimentation, corrosion resistance, excellent insulation performance, low comprehensive costs and other characteristics, can be widely replaced by high pollution, high pollution of steel, cement, plastics and so on. Energy-consuming materials. Bamboo fiber winding composites also have a high ability to resist deformation. The test results show that the compressive strength of bamboo winding composite pipe continues to increase when the deformation amount exceeds 30%. Bamboo winding Composite pipe has passed the national Chemical Building Materials Testing Center 10,000 hours long-term static pressure test.