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Bamboo Winding Pipe

Bamboo Winding Pipe

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ChongqingBamboo Winding PipeIt is a composite material composed of bamboo and other biological fillers. It has the characteristics of energy saving, low carbon, renewable resources, benefiting farmers, cost-effective new materials and so on. It will play an effective role in areas such as pipelines, corridors, containers, high-speed rail carriages and modern construction. Bamboo resources in developing countries are relatively abundant. We can export bamboo winding composites technology and equipment, using bamboo resources and labor resources in developing countries, to produce local support for local construction of a variety of bamboo winding composite products, to achieve effective unity of economic, social and environmental benefits. Elements of "national creation". On the other hand, bamboo winding composite technology will make a greater contribution to the establishment and improvement of bamboo industry science and technology innovation system, the improvement of bamboo product quality and safety, and promote the upgrading and upgrading of traditional bamboo industry.

Bamboo winding Composite pressure tube has three layers of structure: the important inner layer is resin and bamboo fiber non-woven fabric, bamboo knitted felt; the middle is reinforced layer, made of bamboo strips and amino resins, 2 meters long, 5 mm wide; The outer layer is a protective layer, made of refractories. Radiation-proof fillers. General material made of the pipe compression to 2% when the basic bending, and bamboo winding composite pressure tube compression to 5% will rebound. In the case of earthquake and pipeline deformation, bamboo winding composite pressure pipe has the magic seismic and anti-sedimentation ability unmatched by other pipelines. Compared with traditional tubing such as cement pipe, spiral welded pipe, plastic pipe and fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe, bamboo winding composite pressure pipe with recycled bamboo as raw material has obvious energy saving and emission reduction benefit, which can be widely used in water supply and drainage, transportation and many other fields. Corrosive media, sewage, oil and gas transportation, farmland irrigation, seawater transportation, thermal power plants and nuclear plant circulating water, communication cable use.