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Winding Pipe

Winding Pipe

Product Details

1.1 Definitions

     Chongqing Winding PipeBamboo as the substrate material, thermosetting resin as adhesive, the use of winding process made of the pipe gallery.

1.2 Principle

The axial tensile and flexural strength of bamboo is maximized, and the distribution of stress-free defects is formed in the structure of the pipe corridor, which is compatible with the excellent properties of the resin, so that the product meets the bearing requirements.

1.3 Key Technologies

Using the characteristics of strong bending resistance, high bending modulus and large tensile strength of bamboo, it is creatively applied in the pipe gallery, breaking through the traditional processing methods and application fields of bamboo.

A high performance adhesive with strong affinity, stable performance and refractory with bamboo was developed.

The mechanical design model of bamboo winding Composite pipe Gallery is established, the processing technology of bamboo winding composite pipe corridor is studied, and the production line of self-controlled bamboo winding composite pipe gallery is developed.

The first bamboo winding composite pipe gallery Standard is developed, which provides a guarantee for the quality control and market specification of bamboo winding pipe gallery.

1.4 Bamboo Winding Pipe Gallery Advantages

High quality and high strength, good initial mechanical properties

Fire prevention, leakage resistance, corrosion resistance

Long service life

Excellent earthquake resistance and geological sedimentation

Excellent insulation performance

High production efficiency, easy construction and installation

Abundant raw material resources and low comprehensive cost

Renewable resources, low carbon environmental protection

1.5 Main product Performance

MakeService life

The accelerated aging test shows that the strength retention rate is greater than 80% after 120 years of use of bamboo composite pipe gallery under natural conditions. The structure design of the pipe corridor is designed according to the safety factor of 1.3 times times, which ensures that the stiffness is equal to the design stiffness after 120 years.

Resin Safety

Bamboo Winding Composite pipe gallery with resin for environmental protection resin, the use of the process will not produce harmful gases. Resin and Bamboo interface affinity is good, resin immersed in bamboo cells, so that it interacts with bamboo, increase the resin performance and service life. The Water Resources Testing Center is carrying out long-term static pressure test of bamboo winding composite pipe. The International Bamboo and Rattan Center is conducting anti-aging tests on the mechanism of bamboo.

Deformation control

Finite element analysis results on the surface, in the buried 1m deep, the ground car 90t, the bamboo winding composite pipe corridor maximum vertical deformation of less than 1%, well below the 3% control standard.

The results of buried ground test show that the vertical deformation of bamboo composite pipe in 48h after buried construction is less than 0.2%, and the amount of deformation in the next more than one year does not change.

Fireproof Performance

Bamboo Winding Composite pipe gallery in the lining based on composite ceramic insulated felt and insulation coating, the overall fire level reached A level, to meet the requirements of use.

Policy support

In July 2016, the deputy Minister of Housing and Construction, Nu Hong, gave full recognition to the technology of bamboo winding composites, and suggested abandoning the traditional idea of marketization of new products, encouraging the company to cooperate with China Railway construction, speeding up the landing of bamboo winding pipe Corridor project, and serving as a demonstration project of the Ministry of Housing and Construction;

In December 2016, the Department of Standards of the Ministry of Housing and Construction Li Dawei director of the Shanghai Municipal College, Wang Hengdong, director of the Ministry of Public Security, Guapeng, head of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, Chen Yunyu and other experts on the bamboo Winding Composite pipe Gallery Enterprise standards for review, after the review has been filed;

In July 2016, the State Forestry administration set up the "State Forestry Bureau to promote the development of bamboo winding industry leading Group", the bamboo winding industry to increase leadership, support efforts.

"Guidance for the development of strategic key projects in China's forestry industry", developed jointly by the NDRC, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Forestry and the Forest Bureau, is about to be released. Bamboo winding technology is listed as the top item, and the release of the project is a major positive policy for the development of bamboo winding industry.