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Bamboo winding Material

Bamboo winding Material

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Bamboo Winding Material (Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe) Is a new material, technology and new product. Ye Xu, director of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration's winding bamboo Composites Engineering Research Center, told reporters that bamboo accounts for 70% of the volume ratio of the entire winding bamboo composites. The basic principle is that the strength of bamboo under axial tension is greater by winding, because the strength and weight of bamboo under this tension is 3.5 times times higher than that of steel. As a new product, how long is the life cycle of "bamboo knitting"? Dai Chunping, chief scientist of the National Institute of Forest Products Innovation, Canada, through the report "accelerated aging test and analysis of bamboo winding Composites", discusses the durability and long-term nature of bamboo winding composites, and concludes that the life span of bamboo winding composites can be maintained and exceeded the relevant standards.

Bamboo winding composite technology can be widely used in infrastructure construction. Can replace high energy consumption of ductile iron pipe, cement pipe and plastic pipe. It is not only environmentally friendly, low-carbon, but also has a relatively low cost advantage. It can be used in water transportation, agricultural irrigation, forestry engineering, Urban Pipe network, vehicle transportation, building structure and so on. The research of bamboo winding composite technology has a history of ten years now. During this period, bamboo winding technology has been strongly supported by the National People's Congress, the National Political Consultative Conference, the State Forestry Administration, the State Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Water Resources, housing and construction, and science and technology. Ministry of Agriculture, International Bamboo and Rattan organization, Zhejiang Forestry Department, Xiaoshan People's government, Canada National Forest Products Innovation Research Institute. The establishment of bamboo winding composites Engineering Research Center is a powerful scientific and technological support for the R & amp; D and industrial development of bamboo winding technology. The Engineering Research Center will lead the development of the world bamboo Winding, a new bio-based composite material, and make great contributions to the ecological construction and green development of China and even the world.