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Chongqing Green Building

Chongqing Green Building

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      Chongqing Green BuildingUsing bamboo structure as the main frame, the decorated Bamboo Winding House Unit module is embedded directly in it. High strength, short duration, green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction. The annular connector is connected with the column member and the beam member, thus combining the multi-layer winding housing structure with the column member and the Crossbeam member into a frame. Bamboo winding composites are assembled from bamboo winding rooms and prefabricated structures on site, and raw materials can be regenerated, energy-saving, low carbon, light weight, high strength, strong anti-deformation ability, excellent insulation performance. The application of bamboo winding composites in high-rise assembly buildings can replace the existing building forms such as high emission, high energy consumption building materials, environmental pollution and long duration of the present reinforced concrete structures.

Comprehensive rehabilitation of rural housing:

New rural construction housing market capacity: Rural housing about 180 million households, if the 30 all replaced with bamboo winding houses, the annual need to replace 6 million households, according to 20 tons/household/200 square meters, the need for bamboo winding houses 120 million tons, the annual output value of more than 2 trillion yuan.

Saving resources: Only one rural housing, each year can save 18 million tons of steel (the national crude steel 790 million tons), save 970 million tons of cement (the national cement 2.35 billion tons), saving bricks 300 billion pieces (national brick production 500 billion yuan).

Straw poverty alleviation: annual consumption of 24 million tons of straw, according to each ton of straw woven 2500 yuan, the value of 56 billion yuan. By 4000 yuan per person per year, 14 million farmers can be resolved to lift themselves out of poverty.