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Chongqing Ecological BuildingAlso known as green building materials, environmental protection building materials and health building materials, refers to health, environmental protection, safety of building materials, in the international also known as "healthy building materials" or "environmental protection building materials." Ecological building materials do not refer to individual building materials products, but refers to the evaluation of the characteristics of building materials "health, environmental protection, safety." Pay attention to the impact of building materials on human health and environmental protection, as well as the role of safe fire prevention. With degaussing, muffler, dimming, temperature regulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, anti-static and other functions, and has a special new functional building materials to regulate the function of the human body.

Since the 1960s, many architects have started to use bio-building materials, especially in some developed countries in Europe and the US, and have made remarkable achievements in the development of ecological materials. Ecological building materials mainly include natural building materials, recycled building materials, low environmental load building materials, environmental functional building materials, multifunctional composites and so on. Ecological building materials should be advanced, not only to expand the field of human life, but also to open up a broader space for human activities, ecological building materials should have environmental coordination, not only to reduce the harm of environmental pollution, but also to coordinate the scope of human activities and environmental protection. From the perspective of sustainable development and social progress, make as much use of the external environment as possible, while minimizing production processes. The consumption of materials and energy reduces waste generation and recycling to a lower level, and these wastes can be treated, recycled and recycled without pollution. Eco-building materials should be comfortable, not only to create a healthy living environment in harmony with nature, but also to enable human beings to live in a better and more comfortable environment. From the raw materials, production technology, the use of technology, the use of engineering, waste treatment of five major links to consider the balance of ecological building materials with the advantages and disadvantages. In addition to meeting the basic practicality of building materials, it should also be able to maintain human health and protect the environment.

Product Features:

Low cost, high value, multi-purpose, innovative, advanced, unique

Shockproof, fireproof, waterproof, antifreeze, crack prevention, moth-proof, anti-aging

No steel bar, no cement, no brick, no beam, no column, no stone, no traditional components