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Eco-building Materials House

Eco-building Materials House

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Ecological Building Materials House is based on the basic principles of ecology, through the harmonious and friendly coexistence of people, architecture and nature, to carry out a unified architectural model planning. In the course of concrete implementation, its main purpose is to improve the comfort of people's living and living environment by not destroying the natural environment. In ecological architectural design, ecological aspects and architectural aspects are two aspects of the master plan. Reasonable planning between the two is the embodiment of the new concept in the current ecological architectural design. The selection of ecological building materials should take into account the recyclability and recyclability of materials, and there is no pollution problem. The use of ecological building materials must be considered as a system engineering, so that it can adhere to green energy saving in all aspects. According to the summary of ecological building materials, in the production process, the first thing to ensure that raw materials environmental protection, pollution-free, recyclable. Can fully reflect the characteristics of local green buildings.

Only through the reasonable transformation of the natural environment can the ecological building materials house make full use of the buildings and make people's living environment more comfortable. In the process of ecological architectural design, we must make full use of architectural knowledge and ecological concept. Only by designing residential buildings from an ecological point of view can we design a more innovative and ecological building, which is also the main direction of the reform and development of traditional architectural design. The design of ecological building should pay attention to the following aspects: On the one hand, we should consider the overall relationship between the building and the surrounding environment, create a harmonious and good atmosphere between the building and the surrounding environment, and pay attention to the embodiment of integrity, integrity and integrity. Buildings cannot be designed separately; On the other hand, when designing ecological buildings, it is necessary to strengthen the use of ecological building materials, strictly follow the 4R principle of "recyclable", reusable, biodegradable and renewable, to prevent building materials from polluting the environment and reducing energy consumption.