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Bamboo House

Bamboo House

Product Details

      Chongqing Bamboo HouseMuch lighter than chalets, with short growth cycles, abundant raw materials and naturally much cheaper costs than chalets. Moreover, the ventilation and ventilation effect of bamboo forest houses is better than that of chalets, and the effect of warm summer and cool in winter is not much worse than that of chalets. However, bamboo forest houses in the construction process need to go through the processing of a number of processes, otherwise easy to be destroyed by insects, affecting its service life. Relatively speaking, the maintenance and management of bamboo houses is not as simple as chalets.

The interior of Chongqing Bamboo House is separated into different spaces by bamboo walls and bamboo columns, and bamboo columns are arranged by bamboo of different diameters. The bamboo wall defines the space, but it does not block the view. Sunlight through the bamboo seam, the virtual complement each other. It produces a strong visual effect. At the same time, the surrounding mountains have a panoramic view. Here, the space of the separator wall is not as a partition, but as a connection, connecting the inside and outside, connecting the human heart with nature. A stone slab bridge straddles the water and leads to the center of the house: an open courtyard and a teahouse where you can sit and think. Sitting at the bamboo table, the water around, facing the bamboo curtain, hanging on the ground, the mountain light Mountains a panoramic view, the wind blowing clothes, zen hazy. At this point, the designer's pursuit of "artistic conception beauty" has achieved the ultimate goal, so calm, restrained, delicate, attention to nature, emphasizing the atmosphere, spirit, charm of the characteristics, opened the distance between people, people and nature, so that people get the greatest spiritual enjoyment, to achieve the purpose of design. Xing "Beauty is quiet" of the lofty realm and "things and I Forget" the lofty realm, conveyed the "standard of nature" and the pursuit. Philosophical thought of the return of human nature.