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Chongqing Ecological Building Materials

Chongqing Ecological Building Materials

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According to statistics, in the 512 Wenchuan earthquake and 420 Lushan earthquake, the use of Chongqing ecological building materials built thousands of houses, basically not affected by the earthquake, especially Beichuan County did not collapse of the building Beichuan Grand Hotel, Wenchuan County did not rebuild and continue to use the building Liu Xiang Hot pot city, are the use of Xinghe ecological building materials, Earthquake disaster areas of the vast number of cadres, the masses, earthquake experts praised "Xinghe saved countless people's lives!" ”

Plant building materials houses are not afraid of earthquakes!?

Plant Building Materials House is not afraid of fire!?

Plant building materials houses are not afraid of freezing!?

Plant Building Materials House do not have steel bars, do not cement, do not stone!? ......

The world was shocked by the shock of the 2008 "5.12" Wenchuan 8 magnitude earthquake. The sudden earthquake disaster so that thousands of living life instantly died out, so that people depend on the survival of the beautiful home instantly into ruins. Wenchuan County is very close to the epicenter, the house damage is very serious, and the use of ecological new building materials built by the Qiang Red Fire Pot City (formerly known as Yi Hand hot pot) is intact, the store 58 employees have no casualties, is still in use today.

5.12 Wenchuan earthquake Let the whole Beichuan county razed to the ground, and the use of this building materials, "Beichuan hotel" building still does not fall. The original eight floors of the building, the one or two floor of all with reinforced concrete collapsed, the above six floors with this building materials neatly fell retained so far. Pengzhou Longshan Town Silver Factory Ditch is located opposite the center of the earthquake, in the earthquake houses were almost razed to the ground, and the use of this ecological building materials built by the "Dan Hui Villa" to withstand strong earthquakes and mudslides still do not fall.

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