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"Chongqing winding Pipe" technology gradually toward the front of people
- 2019-04-01-

Chongqing Winding PipeThe word "At first glance is a strange word, and since its research and development, many exciting achievements have been made over the past 10 years. Bamboo winding composite material is a kind of small bamboo, which has been paid much attention by the state in recent years. On the November 6, on the 20th anniversary of the founding of the International Bamboo and Rattan organization, President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the international Bamboo and Rattan organization. Reporter in 2017 international bamboo resources Efficient use and innovation forum learned that traditional bamboo has been through modern technology "packaging" into a new bio-based material bamboo winding composite materials, and has gone from the boudoir to the front desk, to the world. With bamboo winding Composites as the representative of a large number of scientific and technological achievements, has produced great social, economic, ecological benefits and international impact.

April 24, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hohhot city far Heng Graphite Industrial Park successfully built the "Thirteen-Five" Forestry industry development key strategic forest products project "around the Bamboo City Integrated Pipe Gallery" demonstration project. It has opened up a new channel for the green, low-carbon and rapid economic construction of urban pipe corridor in China. Chongqing Winding Pipe is a new type of urban underground pipeline corridor, is a core intellectual property rights of "Made in China" products. It is different from the steel pipe and concrete pipe gallery commonly used in the world. It is a new type of pipeline corridor made of bamboo as the main raw material, thermosetting resin as adhesive and winding process. Compared with the concrete pipe corridor, the bamboo winding City Integrated pipe corridor has the same compressive strength as the C30 concrete pipe corridor, which satisfies the engineering technical requirements of the Urban integrated pipe corridor. By the national Chemical Building Materials Testing Center and other authoritative institutions to detect, under the same buried depth and pressure conditions, bamboo winding City integrated pipe corridor than concrete has better seismic, settlement, insulation, anti-freezing, anti-corrosion performance.

Longgang, project manager, Tiger Stone Pipe gallery, China Railway 18 Bureau group, told VOA that the weight of the Chongqing winding pipe is one-tenth of the traditional concrete pipe gallery, which greatly reduces the difficulty of installation and shortens the construction period. Compared with traditional materials and processes, the combined cost is reduced by about 10% to 30%, with a long service life and a green low carbon. In addition, bamboo winding composites can be used in high-speed rail, rail, piping, pipe galleries, containers and modern construction, according to Feng Jia Ping, chief engineer of the National Forestry and Grassland administration. In the future, bamboo winding composites will be a broad replacement of steel, cement, plastics and other high energy consumption, high pollution materials, to promote sustainable development. Bamboo industry with its low carbon, environmental protection and sustainable development of the trend, has become a globally recognized green industry. In accordance with the ecological priority of green urban development concept, bamboo winding City Integrated Pipe Corridor Project has been the Ministry of Science and Technology, Environmental protection Department, Science and Technology department included in the "Promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction and low-carbon technology results catalogue." Ministry of Industry and Information technology, awarded by the Ministry of Construction as the national construction industry Science and technology achievements promotion project.