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Utilization of bamboo resources in Chongqing bamboo Winding Pipeline
- 2019-04-01-

      Chongqing Bamboo Winding PipelineIt is a new material, technology and new product. Ye Xu, director of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration's winding bamboo Composites Engineering Research Center, told reporters that bamboo accounts for 70% of the volume ratio of the entire winding bamboo composites. The basic principle is that the strength of bamboo under axial tension is greater by winding, because the strength and weight of bamboo under this tension is 3.5 times times higher than that of steel. As a new product, how long is the life cycle of "bamboo knitting"? Dai Chunping, chief scientist of the National Institute of Forest Products Innovation, Canada, through the report "accelerated aging test and analysis of bamboo winding Composites", discusses the durability and long-term nature of bamboo winding composites, and concludes that the life span of bamboo winding composites can be maintained and exceeded the relevant standards.

Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipeline can use bamboo's high strength and refractory production of integrated pipe galleries, containers and other products. This new technology can accelerate the low-carbon transition and help us use low-carbon innovation to change China's economic prospects and have a greater impact on global integration. Bamboo is a kind of biomass material with excellent properties, which has excellent physical properties. Bamboo has a high elasticity and toughness compared to wood. The compressive strength of the smooth grain is 1.2-twice times that of the wood, and the tensile strength of the smooth grain is 2-25 times that of the wood. Thin Bamboo Winding technology utilizes the characteristics of bamboo to produce excellent bamboo products. First, make thin bamboo slices. Bamboo Square through gelling, layered, composite into. After softening, cut into 0.15~1.5 mm or 0.15~1.5 mm thick bamboo slices. The slices are then elongated and machined into thin slices as needed. After the preparation of thin bamboo strips, amino resin as adhesive, thin bamboo strips wrapped in the mechanical equipment of the product model, waiting for the adhesive curing, and then the product demoulding, after inspection and finally get the required products.

Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipeline is the main force of energy saving and emission reduction, will effectively help the Chinese government to deal with global climate change action, the implementation of international energy conservation and emission reduction commitments. Steel, plastics, cement and other traditional building materials are non-renewable resources, the production process has high energy consumption, large pollution, non-degradable and other shortcomings. The production and application of bamboo winding composite products have obvious "green" characteristics. With 10 million tons of bamboo winding composite pipe instead of steel pipe, can save 20 million tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide 64 million tons. Annual use of 110 million tons of bamboo resources instead of steel, cement, plastics and other products to produce winding bamboo goods, can save 140 million tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide 350 million tons. Bamboo Winding composite pipe gallery, bamboo winding composite high-speed railway bus, bamboo winding composite building is being put into production and promotion. Bamboo Winding Composite Building in addition to seismic, insulation and other advantages, compared with traditional buildings, the average cost is reduced by more than 20%. The construction cycle can be shortened to one day, greatly reducing the use of steel, cement, bricks.