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Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe Gallery promotes sustainable green development
- 2019-04-01-

      Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe GalleryIs the international Bamboo and Rattan Center and Zhejiang Xin Universe Bamboo Composites Technology Co., Ltd. jointly developed an innovative achievement, give full play to the characteristics of high strength and toughness of bamboo, break through the traditional bamboo processing methods. Laminated structure, overcome the difficulties of industrial technology and equipment manufacturing, the development of bamboo winding composite pipe products and continuous large sets of equipment. Production equipment, the establishment of bamboo winding composite material industrial production line. It is hoped that under the leadership of the State Forestry administration, the bamboo Winding Composites Engineering Research Center will provide strong support for the development and industrialization of new technology of bamboo winding composites. First, strengthen the pilot, through the full comparison with the existing pipe network materials, further scientific demonstration of the strength, durability, connection and sealing performance of the bamboo composite pipe, and constantly improve the process and product performance to ensure product quality. Safety. Second, speed up the formulation and tracking of relevant standards, and actively participate in the formulation of domestic and foreign standards. Third, in the process of industrial application, bamboo winding composite technology continues to mature and perfect, expanding the application range of bamboo winding composites, expanding the application of bamboo winding composites in water transport, agricultural irrigation, forestry engineering, Urban Pipe network, vehicle transportation and other fields.

2009, based on bamboo, using winding technology and high permeability resin bonding technology, a new type of Chongqing bamboo winding pipe corridor was developed. The inventor of the technology is the director of the National forestry and Grassland Administration winding bamboo Composites Engineering Research Center, chairman of Zhejiang New Ze Bamboo Composites Technology Co., Ltd., experts agreed at the 2017 International Forum on Efficient use and innovation of bamboo resources. Bamboo winding composites have excellent properties such as reproducibility of raw materials, energy saving of low carbon processing, environmental protection and biodegradability. Can replace steel, cement, plastics, FRP and other traditional materials, can be in pipelines, corridors, high-speed railway carriages, modern buildings and other fields of development.

Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe Gallery Project was included in the Ministry of Science and Technology's first batch of "135 National key R & amp; d programs"; Bamboo winding Composites project is also the "135" National key R & amp; d program "Cultivate efficient technological innovation" one of the first 9 projects. Forest resource utilization. Bamboo winding Composite technology has great potential and is one of the key technologies to promote the development of the world bamboo industry. Its application and popularization will greatly enhance the value of bamboo in the new century. For bamboo producing areas, it can produce huge economic, ecological and social benefits. This will certainly become a new driving force for the economic development of bamboo producing areas in the future, and will certainly become a new driving force for bamboo producing countries, including China. The development of bamboo industry has an important impact.

It is understood that although China's bamboo processing industry has made great progress, but China's bamboo processing industry is still a resource consumption and labor-intensive pattern. The main problems are weak independent innovation ability, focus on the expansion of quantity, excessive consumption of resources, insufficient value added to products. Qisheng said that bamboo processing industry does not meet the requirements of scientific development, only by expanding the number of bamboo processing industry. To promote the bamboo processing industry from labor-intensive and resource-oriented to high-tech transfer. In addition, Ye Shi also urged the relevant government departments to set up a special management body to coordinate the management and orderly development of the strategic level of energy conservation and emission reduction. "In fact, China has a strong ability to innovate, but the awareness of intellectual property protection is not enough, good product operation effect is very poor." Therefore, we should strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, including the bamboo industry. In addition, the Government is expected to give the bamboo industry a specific industry.