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What is the significance of using Chongqing bamboo winding pipe?
- 2019-04-01-

      Chongqing Bamboo Winding PipeThe flexibility of bamboo is fully utilized, and the biological matrix composites are prepared by winding with bamboo as the basic unit. This technology is an innovation in bamboo science. Bamboo winding process made of pipes, corridors and other surface products to make full use of the high axial tensile strength characteristics of bamboo, in the product structure to form a stress-free defect distribution, to meet the pressure and other engineering technical requirements. Compared with similar products, with high cost performance, low carbon environmental protection, earthquake resistance, anti-sedimentation ability, good insulation performance and other obvious advantages, with a completely independent intellectual property rights, is recognized as the international pre-level. It is the representative people's livelihood demand technology of green development in China and even in the world. Making full use of bamboo resources to accurately alleviate poverty and mitigate climate change is an effective way. Bamboo winding composites industry has the characteristics of resources, unique technical advantages and strong market competitiveness. It is an example of the industrialization, intelligentization and internationalization of bamboo industry. It not only plays a leading role in the development of bamboo industry, but also plays an important role in the development of national economy.

The popularization and application of bamboo winding pipe in Chongqing has great economic, ecological and social benefits to bamboo producing areas, and will become a new driving force for the economic development of bamboo producing areas in the future. "The executive vice mayor of Nanping, Fujian Province, Wu Bin, the governor of Yongding County Chen Rong Water Fujian province Longyan camp, Hubei province Xianning Tongshan County committee secretary Shiwa and other local party and government leaders agreed that this is the enterprise development and mountain poverty alleviation cooperation, is the green development and ecological log innovation practice. Accurate docking of high-tech and superior resources. In April this year, China Railway Corporation, with bamboo as its main raw material, successfully laid the world's first bamboo winding composite underground pipeline corridor in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. In the construction process, the construction personnel use chip, sensor and laser rangefinder on-line detection technology to monitor the heating deformation of the corridor in real time. Energy level in China in the former position, for the Urban underground pipeline corridor green, low-carbon, rapid economic construction has opened up a new channel.

The comprehensive benefits are huge, so that Chongqing bamboo winding pipe in the country is highly valued. In January 2015, the meeting of directors of the State Forestry Administration proposed that the application of bamboo winding composite pipeline has opened up new channels for maintaining national energy security and resource security. In September of that year, the Ministry of Water Resources recommended the use of bamboo winding composite tubes, and issued an application guide. In the December, bamboo winding composite pressure pipe technology was selected as the national "low-carbon technology key promotion catalogue." April 2016, Bamboo winding composite pipeline project was included in the "135 National key R & amp; d program" Project. "Bamboo knitting" quickly moved from the boudoir to the front desk, gradually being adopted by more and more projects. In the past two years, in Xiangyang, Shandong Linyi, Inner Mongolia Wuhai and other places, traditional enterprises on this new industry has been reformed and invested. Xia, vice president of China Railway Construction Co., Ltd., told reporters that China's Water Conservancy pipeline Corridor project has a huge market demand for bamboo winding composite pipe. China's railway construction is optimistic about the market capacity of this new material in the construction of infrastructure at home and abroad, and has carried out substantial cooperation with the bamboo Winding composites center.