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Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe Gallery has been listed as "135 National key R & amp; d programs"
- 2019-03-25-

       Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe GalleryIt is an innovative technology in the field of bamboo application. This biological composite material has high strength, light weight, flame retardant, heat preservation, green low carbon, renewable resources and other characteristics, can produce pressure pipes, urban integrated pipe gallery, houses, containers, carriages and other products. The industrial chain runs through the three major industries of the national economy. Bamboo winding composites are another basic material after steel, cement, plastic and wood. It will make outstanding contributions to the development of human society. Ye Xu, director of the Research Center for Winding Composites Technology of the National forestry Grassland administration, said that the winding composite pipe produced in China is a biological base tube which can be industrialized and is a unique raw material tube in China. It has significant advantages in pressure capacity, thermal insulation performance, service life and comprehensive cost. "At present, China is carrying out a comprehensive test of the performance of bamboo winding composite transport vehicles," it is understood that the national forestry and Grassland Bureau Bamboo Winding Composites Engineering Research Center is currently a company specializing in bamboo winding composite Research R & amp; d institutions. Technology development and transformation, and has a fully independent intellectual property rights.

Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe Gallery is a new type of green environmental protection pipeline production materials. Compared with the traditional production technology of PVC, cast iron and other pipelines, it has the advantages of resource regeneration, low carbon environmental protection, fire prevention, water resistance and excellent comprehensive performance. Has passed the State Forestry Administration, Housing Ministry of Science and Technology achievements appraisal. At present, there are engineering technical standards, has been listed by the National Development and Reform Commission as the second batch of national key promotion projects. Low Carbon Technology Catalog. Bamboo winding composites can be used in high-speed rail, rail, pipeline, corridor, container and modern construction and other fields. Feng Jia Ping, chief engineer of the National Forestry and Grassland administration, believes that bamboo winding composites will be widely replaced in the future with high energy consumption and high pollution materials such as steel, cement and plastics. Bamboo industry with its low carbon, environmental protection and sustainable development of the trend, has become a globally recognized green industry. It is reported that the development of bamboo winding composites industry will further promote the construction of ecological civilization in China, promote the "resource-saving, environment-friendly" economic development model, is conducive to optimizing the rural industrial structure, increase farmers ' economic income, has important practical significance. It is of great significance to implement rural revitalization and help to make accurate poverty alleviation.

It is reported that Chongqing bamboo winding pipe corridor has been included in the Ministry of Science and Technology's first batch of "135 National key R & amp; d projects" project, bamboo winding Composite materials project is also "135 National key R & amp; d program" One of the first 9 projects, is a national key research and development projects. Forestry resources cultivation and efficient use of technological innovation projects. Bamboo winding Composite technology has great potential and is one of the key technologies to promote the development of the world bamboo industry. Its application and popularization will greatly enhance the value of bamboo in the new century. For bamboo producing areas, it can produce huge economic, ecological and social benefits. This will certainly become a new driving force for the economic development of bamboo producing areas in the future, and will certainly become a new driving force for bamboo producing countries, including China. The development of bamboo industry has an important impact.