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The spirit of Central Conference brings spring to Chongqing bamboo winding pipe industry
- 2019-03-29-

On the afternoon of January 23, 2019, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the Central Military Commission and director of the Center for Comprehensive deepening reform, presided over the sixth meeting of the Central Comprehensive Deepening Reform Commission and delivered an important speech He stressed that the party's xi. third plenary was epoch-making and opened a new era in the history of reform, opening up and socialist modernization. The 18-time third plenary of the party is also epoch-making, opening a new era of comprehensive deepening reform and systematic overall design to promote reform, and creating a new situation of China's reform and opening up. In order to achieve decisive results in the reform of important areas and key links by 2020, we should continue to fight hard, nibble hard bones, and ensure that one is done, so as to lay a decisive foundation for the full completion of the reform task of the party's 18-time third Plenary deployment.

It was emphasized that green technological innovation is the driving force of green development and an important support for fighting the battle against pollution, promoting the construction of ecological civilization and promoting high-quality development. It is necessary to solve the problem of ecological prominence of resources and environment, adhere to market orientation, strengthen green leadership, speed up the construction of enterprises as the main body, production and luminescent deep integration, complete infrastructure and service system, efficient allocation of resources, smooth results transformation of the green technology innovation system, to promote research and development, application and promotion, industrial development through integration.

      Chongqing Bamboo Winding PipeIs a typical representative of green technology innovation in the field of forest industry (bamboo industry) in China, because of its raw material reproducibility, light weight and high strength, low cost, low carbon energy saving in processing process, environmental protection in the use process and biodegradation, can be processed into Chongqing bamboo winding pipe, bamboo winding City Integrated pipe gallery, bamboo winding high-speed rail carriages, Bamboo winding the whole combination of houses, bamboo winding monolithic public toilets, bamboo winding rocket launcher and other products, greatly expand the traditional application range of bamboo, can be a large number of replacement of steel, cement, plastics and other high pollution and too high energy consumption of traditional materials. The large-scale industrialization of bamboo winding composites can make efficient use of China's abundant bamboo resources and accelerate the green transformation and upgrading of China's traditional bamboo industry, not only in the replacement of resources, energy conservation and emission reduction, carbon sequestration and other aspects of global climate change to play an important role, but also help to solve the three agricultural problems, help accurate poverty alleviation, the implementation

As the invention unit of Chongqing bamboo Winding pipe technology with full independent intellectual property rights, Zhejiang Xin Bamboo Composites Co., Ltd. will implement the spirit of "guiding opinions on the construction of market-oriented green technology innovation system", with the goal of solving the problem of ecological prominence of resources and environment in traditional pipelines, pipe galleries, houses and other fields. In order to create the bamboo industry one or two, three industries linked to the bamboo winding composite industry chain for the grasp, through the construction of R & amp; d type Xin Universe Company and product production-oriented local bamboo winding production base as the main body, the deep integration of industry and research, infrastructure and service system, efficient resource allocation, smooth results transformation of the green technology innovation system, To promote the bamboo winding composites industry technology research and development, application and promotion, industrial development through integration.