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Utilization of mountain resources by Chongqing Winding Pipe
- 2019-03-25-

      Chongqing Winding PipeApplications are not only a simple alternative to steel and high-strength plastics, but also an alternative to green, environmentally friendly and renewable resources with highly polluting, energy-intensive and non-renewable engineering materials. Its popularization and application will make great contributions to the green development of beautiful China and the world and to the sustainable development of mankind. Officials of the State Forestry Administration said that a large number of bamboo industry scientific and technological achievements, represented by bamboo winding composites, had produced great social, economic, ecological benefits and international impact. The State Forestry administration will, as always, be committed to the sustainable development of the bamboo industry, strive to improve the scientific and technological content and efficiency of the bamboo industry, strengthen international cooperation, and build China's advanced bamboo winding complex. New technologies and achievements such as composites, efficient use of recombinant bamboo and sequencing of bamboo genomes have benefited the whole world, contributing wisdom and strength to China's sustainable development, such as green growth, poverty alleviation and peak response.

Ye Shi, director of the Bamboo Winding Composites Engineering Research center of the State Forestry Administration, told the China Green Times that the advantages of energy saving, emission reduction and carbon sequestration in Chongqing winding tubes are obvious. The use of 400 million tons of idle bamboo resources in the world to produce bamboo winding composite materials, energy saving 500 million tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions 1.27 billion tons. The use of 100 million tons of idle bamboo resources to produce bamboo winding composite pipeline. Alternative steel could reduce carbon dioxide by 300 million tonnes, equivalent to 3% of China's total 10 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. In terms of economic benefits, the production of 10 million tons of bamboo winding composite pipe Only 25 million tons of bamboo, the total value of nearly 20 billion yuan, bamboo processing output value of 34 billion yuan. Bamboo processing can provide employment for 850,000 rural laborers, with an average annual income of about 40,000 yuan. Bamboo fiber winding composites have no energy consumption in terms of resource acquisition and low energy consumption in material processing, product manufacturing, transportation and installation. Bamboo winding composites will play an important role in the national strategy of "Belt and Road". China will export technology and equipment, make use of local bamboo resources and labor force, produce all kinds of bamboo composite products needed locally, support local construction, and contribute to China's economic and social development of "Belt and Road".

The popularization and application of Chongqing winding pipe can solve the problem of resource utilization in mountainous areas. It takes a lot of bamboo to produce bamboo winding composites. Planting bamboo on a barren mountain, turning the green hills into Jinshan and Yinshan. Second, it can replace non-renewable resources and traditional metals, glass fibers, plastics and cement materials. In addition, bamboo entanglement should also be strengthened. Serialization of test methods, techniques and standards for wound composites. The person in charge said that at the same time, bamboo winding composite pipe corridor industry chain cooperation should be further strengthened. From raw materials to production, design, application, and even intelligent control, products cover one or two, three industries, is a long chain. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a joint mechanism to truly promote the development of this industry.