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Advantages and uses of Chongqing bamboo Winding Pipe Gallery
- 2019-04-02-

      Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe GalleryCan be made into pipes, corridors, houses, high-speed railway carriages, aircraft fuselage and other products. Ye Shi told reporters that the bamboo carriages have environmental protection, light weight, earthquake resistance, insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention and other advantages, greatly improve the safety performance of the train in extreme cases. Bamboo Winding Room is the world's last plant entangled all-in-one residential. It has the advantages of energy saving, low carbon, convenient construction, earthquake resistance, heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention and so on. Using 110 million tons of idle bamboo resources in China to produce bamboo winding composites, the energy of 2015 is equivalent to 33% of the total energy consumption of 4.3 billion tons in China, and the reduction of 2013 years is equivalent to 10 billion of the total carbon dioxide emissions of 3.5% tons in China. During the eight-year cycle, 110 million tons of unused bamboo resources were regularly felled, storing 230 million tonnes more carbon than retention, converting 840 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, equivalent to storing 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe gallery technology and bamboo winding composites have good resource advantages. At present, its main purpose is to open up the market and improve economic competitiveness. First of all, to clarify the strategic positioning of bamboo winding technology. Bamboo winding technology is a major technological innovation of green development, a major practice to promote green development and innovation, a major change in green consumption, a major measure to increase farmers ' income, and a major innovation in material technology. The second is to further develop and improve the policy measures to support bamboo winding technology and product application. We should strive for the current policy of supporting green development, which is conducive to the application of bamboo winding technology and products, and strive for a special policy to support bamboo winding technology and product application. Third, speed up technological innovation, improve efficiency, establish a brand, the combination of development and utilization and protection, the formation of the corresponding technical standards and industry standards. IV, give full play to the role of bamboo winding technology in the implementation of rural revitalization strategy. He suggested: "We should play the role of expert think tank to promote the industrialization of bamboo winding technology." Promote the establishment of national level and application coordination mechanism to achieve effective docking in the field of technology and practice.

China is rich in bamboo resources and has a long history of cultivation and utilization. China's development of bamboo industry has a unique advantage. Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe Corridor is a new technology with independent property rights and strategic significance developed jointly by domestic enterprises and international bamboo and rattan Center. This is a new type of biological pipeline technology that can be industrialized. The industrialization of this technology will make the use of a large number of idle bamboo resources in China. Bamboo winding composites light weight, insulation corrosion resistance, excellent thermal insulation performance, good water flow performance, strong pressure capacity, strong seismic settlement capacity. Can replace steel, high-strength plastic and other materials. Widely used in pipelines, pipe galleries, even high-speed railway carriages, building materials and other fields. Bamboo winding Composites technology will have great potential for development and will have an unexpected impact on the development and progress of human society. Positive role. In the next development, bamboo winding composite pipe gallery should seize the opportunity of the State to vigorously develop the construction of pipe corridor, strengthen demonstration and promotion, improve product standards, further reduce costs, expand and strengthen related industries. I believe that with the joint efforts of all of you, the development of bamboo winding composites related industries will become the practice of "green water Castle Peak is Jinshan Yinshan" concept of vivid practice.