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"Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipeline", a revolution of new energy technology
- 2019-03-25-

      Chongqing Bamboo Winding PipelineThe study has been in history for ten years now. During this period, bamboo winding technology has been strongly supported by the National People's Congress, the National Political Consultative Conference, the State Forestry Administration, the State Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Water Resources, housing and construction, and science and technology. Ministry of Agriculture, International Bamboo and Rattan organization, Zhejiang Forestry Department, Xiaoshan People's government, Canada National Forest Products Innovation Research Institute. The establishment of bamboo winding composites Engineering Research Center is a strong scientific and technological support for bamboo Winding technology R & amp; D and Industrial development. The Engineering Research Center will lead the development of the world bamboo Winding, a new bio-based composite material, and make great contributions to the ecological construction and green development of China and even the world. Bamboo winding composite technology can be widely used in infrastructure construction. Can replace high energy consumption of ductile iron pipe, cement pipe and plastic pipe. It is not only environmentally friendly, low-carbon, but also has a relatively low cost advantage. It can be used in water transport, agricultural irrigation, forestry engineering, urban pipe networks, vehicle transport and building structures.

Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipeline is a new type of green materials, can be a wide range of cement, FRP, plastics and other high-pollution, energy-intensive raw materials. Second, carbon sequestration and green. Bamboo winding composites have the advantages of low carbon, energy saving and emission reduction, and have good carbon sink function. Third, it is widely used. Can be used in high-speed railway, rail, pipeline, pipe corridor, container, modern architecture and other fields. Four is strong seismic ability. The steel pipe began to yield under 5% pressure, and the bamboo pipes began to yield under 30% pressure, and its resistance grew. V, it has a strong thermal insulation performance. Bamboo fiber battery can store part of the air, to ensure the thermal insulation performance of bamboo fiber winding composites, can be used in alpine areas. VI, the advantage of low cost. Easy installation, short duration, low raw materials and transportation costs. VII, the sustainability of bamboo resources. China is rich in bamboo resources, bamboo forest area is large, can fully guarantee the supply of bamboo. VIII, with a high value. If bamboo winding composites are widely used, China's bamboo industry output value will be doubled on the basis of the existing bamboo winding composite materials, for China's green development to make an important contribution. Ninth, to promote the enrichment of agriculture. Speeding up the development of bamboo processing industry is conducive to optimizing the rural industrial structure, cultivating new rural economic growth points and increasing farmers ' economic income.

Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipeline not only has a full range of green industry elements, but also has a good cost-effective advantage. In the process of green transformation promoted by the country, the speed of industrial marketization is remarkable. In the "Belt and Road" national strategy, has a wide range of applications. Through the export of technology and equipment, the use of local bamboo resources and labor to produce local products, will add luster to the "Belt and Road" national strategy. Ye said that they will export technology and products in a variety of ways, such as: technology exports-17% of the joint venture manufacturing company, with the right to use technology, capital exports--51% to 80% capital investment, the establishment of holding manufacturing companies, equipment exports-to provide a complete set of bamboo processing technology. Natural gas and product processing production lines to manufacturing enterprises, bamboo forest resources utilization-capital to control the profits of high-quality bamboo forests. Mode.