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Significance of using Chongqing bamboo Winding Pipeline
- 2019-03-25-

ChongqingBamboo Winding PipelineIs an epoch-making innovative technology in the field of bamboo applications. This biological composite material has high strength, light weight, flame retardant insulation, green low carbon, renewable resources and other characteristics, can produce pressure pipes, urban integrated pipe gallery, houses, containers, carriages and other products. The industrial chain runs through the III industry of national economy. Bamboo winding composites are another basic material after steel, cement, plastic and wood. It will make outstanding contributions to the development of human society. Ye Xu, director of the Center for Winding Composites Engineering research at the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, said: China's winding composite pipe is an industrialised bio-based pipeline and the original pipeline in China. In the pressure capacity, insulation performance, service life, comprehensive costs and other aspects have significant advantages. It is reported that the current standard diameter of bamboo pipes Corridor is 8 meters, which can be expanded to 14 meters in the future. This cross-era bamboo products technology is booming all over the country. Wu Bin, deputy mayor of Nanping, Fujian province, said that relying on the China Science and Technology Industrialization Promotion Association, the city and the Central Railway 18 Bureau group docking. June 20, the total investment of 1.2 billion yuan of bamboo winding composite pipe production project in Nanping successfully landed, opened the bamboo winding technology industry upgrade, poverty alleviation and enrichment stage.

Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipeline has the characteristics of high cost performance, low carbon environmental protection, strong seismic sedimentation ability, excellent insulation performance, high compressive strength, insulation, corrosion resistance, good water flow performance, light weight, easy installation, long service life and so on. Products are widely used in farmland water-saving irrigation, urban drainage, oilfield pipeline network laying and telecommunications, cable and other engineering fields. It can replace traditional pipes such as plastics, metals, cement and fiberglass. It is a kind of technological innovation product with economies of scale, such as ecology, environment, economy and society. Bamboo winding Composite Pipe fittings connected by two or more than two pipe fittings, each pipe is made of bamboo strips and resins, two fittings of the joints with dipping resin fiberglass cloth winding Fixed. Pipe fittings for bending tubes, three-part connectors or non-diameter tubes. According to the structural characteristics of bamboo winding composite pipe, a kind of pipe fittings suitable for the connection of bamboo winding composite pipe are designed. Pipe fittings are connected by multiple fittings, many of which are made from bamboo knitting processes. The fittings are wound and fixed with resin-soaked fiberglass cloth at the fittings joint to further improve the bonding strength between the fittings. The pipe fittings of the above structure can realize the reliable connection between the bamboo pipes winding composite pipe, which is suitable for long-distance transportation, reliable connection and low cost.

The use of Chongqing bamboo winding pipeline technology to make underground pipeline corridor, has great economic and social benefits. Feng Jia Ping, chief engineer of the State Forestry administration, said earlier that the bamboo winding composite pipeline industry could significantly increase the added value of bamboo and bamboo, effectively promote the construction of bamboo bases and increase farmers ' income. According to statistics, 10 million tons of winding composite pipe needs to consume 25 million tons of bamboo, the total value of nearly 20 billion yuan. It is estimated that 5 tons of bamboo can be provided per household, which can increase the income of 5 million households and households by about 4000 yuan. In the bamboo processing industry, 750,000 workers can be employed, accounting for 11% of the existing staff in the bamboo processing industry. "Bamboo is used as an underground pipe not only because of the characteristics of its material itself, but also because of its green and low carbon. In the manufacturing process can save a lot of steel and coal, which is in line with the development goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. "Bamboo has a growing period of about three years and can reduce long-term achievements," Chen Xiangzhong told reporters. However, due to the depression of traditional bamboo processing industry, a large number of mature bamboo has been shelved into yellow, affecting the normal growth of bamboo.