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Advantages of Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe and the Contracting Party
- 2019-04-02-

      Chongqing Bamboo Winding PipeThe key technical specification is to give full play to the high axial tensile strength of bamboo and form a stress-free defect distribution in the product structure. Therefore, bamboo winding composites have strong compressive, seismic, sedimentation resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, thermal insulation performance and low comprehensive costs, can be a wide range of steel, cement, plastics and other highly polluting, high-energy materials. "What is a material with compression, deformation and durability? It should be flexible bamboo material, stronger than steel, cement and plastic fiberglass reinforced plastics. If bamboo as a building material to make pipes, corridors, houses, carriages and so on, will save how much energy consumption, reduce how much dust? How much value and income is created for mountain farmers and the country's large amount of idle bamboo resources? In China, how much investment costs can be saved by infrastructure construction? The more he wanted to be encouraged, the more he felt it was a good thing for society. After thousands of rigorous tests, new energy technologies have finally made a revolutionary breakthrough.

Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe makes full use of bamboo resources to develop innovative products, which is of great significance to the sustainable development of our country and even all mankind. Feibenhua, executive deputy director of the International Bamboo and Rattan center, told reporters that bamboo and rattan winding composite technology is a representative of China's green development and even the world's demand for people's livelihood technology. Plays a leading and driving role in the development of bamboo industry. Making full use of bamboo resources to accurately alleviate poverty and mitigate climate change is an effective way. The industrialization and internationalization of bamboo industry is also a model of bamboo industry, which plays an important role. Bamboo accounts for 70% of the volume ratio of the whole bamboo winding composites. The basic principle is that the strength of bamboo in axial stretching is greater by winding, because the strength and weight of bamboo in this way is 3.5 times times higher than that of steel. As a new product, how long is the life cycle of "bamboo knitting"? Dai Chunping, chief scientist of the National Institute of Forest Products Innovation, Canada, through the report "accelerated aging test and analysis of bamboo winding Composites", discusses the durability and long-term nature of bamboo winding composites, and concludes that the life span of bamboo winding composites can be maintained and exceeded the relevant standards.

Chongqing Bamboo Winding Pipe signatories include: China Forest Industry Association and Nepal Forestry Research and Investigation bureau, National Forestry and Grassland Bureau bamboo Winding Composites Engineering Technology Research Center and Myanmar awn Development and Development Corporation, Union Of Myanmar "Belt and Road" Information Integrated Implementation Association, Fujian Nanping Jianyang District Government and Zhejiang Xin Universe Bamboo Composites Technology Co., Ltd., China High-tech Industrialization Research Association Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Cooperation Committee, Guangdong Province Meizhou Banana Hua Industrial Park Committee and Zhejiang Xin He bamboo Composites Technology Co., Ltd., China Science and Technology Industrialization Promotion Association, Guangdong Tian Le enjoy Wellness Health Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Yibin Jiangan County Government and Zhejiang Xin Universe Bamboo Composites Technology Co., Ltd., Yibin Qi Feng Green Energy Co., Ltd., Sichuan Luzhou Naxi District People's government and Zhejiang Xin He bamboo Composites Technology Co., Ltd., China High-tech Industrialization Research Association Scientific and Technological Achievements transformation Collaborative Working Committee, Zhongqing Dazu District People's government and Zhejiang Xin Universe Bamboo Composites Technology Co., Ltd., Central Railway 18 Bureau group Bamboo Winding Engineering Co., Ltd., Chongqing Bai Ring Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.