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Chongqing Baihuan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the sales and technical services of new environmentally-friendly ecological building materials, bamboo-wound composite pipes, pipe corridors and pipe fittings. It is a research and development of the Bamboo-wound Composite Materials Engineering Technology Research Center of the State Forestry Administration. The environmentally-friendly ecological building materials are the National Science and Technology Ministry's Achievement Transformation Center, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Science and Technology Development Center, and the scientific research unit responsible for technical support and research and development (patent-side military industrial enterprise encryption). It is a new type of environmentally-friendly ecological building materials, bamboo-wound composite materials, Chongqing bamboo winding pipe , Chongqing bamboo winding pipe gallery , bamboo house panels and other products southwest demonstration base and technical training center. The Dazu District People's Government and China Railway 18th Bureau Group Environmental Protection Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. jointly invested and constructed in Dazu District, Chongqing.

The company's leading products, new environmentally friendly ecological building materials, bamboo-wound composite materials, composite pressure pipelines, pipe corridors, and Chongqing bamboo house panels are in line with the state-sponsored development of resource-saving and environment-friendly, social and circular economy national strategies, which are an ecological and environmental The revolutionary of technologically revolutionary products and international new building materials that are of great significance to the economy and society.

Bamboo Wrapping Composite is an innovative achievement jointly developed by the International Bamboo and Rattan Center under the National Forestry and Prairie Bureau and Zhejiang Xinzhou Bamboo-based Composite Materials Technology Co., Ltd. It is the key scientific and technological achievement of the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau in 2016. In December 2016, the bamboo-wound composite materials were listed by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as “a list of promotion and promotion of energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon technology achievements”: In May 2017, the bamboo-wound composite materials project was listed by the National Development and Reform Commission and other 11 committees. Into the joint release of the "Grass Industry Development 13th Five-Year Plan" in the key strategic forestry projects.

In accordance with the principle of “one-time planning and step-by-step implementation”, the company plans to invest a total of 510 million yuan in project planning, following the strategic layout of the Bamboo-wound Composite Materials Engineering Technology Research Center and the International Bamboo Winding Industry Innovation Alliance of the State Forestry Administration, and plans to build two new units of bamboo winding. 8 production lines for composite materials. After the project is completed and put into production, it will reach an annual capacity of 80,000 tons of bamboo-wound composite materials and realize a sales income of 1 billion yuan.

The company takes "green, environmental protection, civilization and excellence" as its enterprise tenet, adhering to the business philosophy of "honesty, development and sharing", taking "leading the future of the industry" as the guide, taking "green industry, benefiting mankind" as the vision and green. Contribute to environmental protection, low carbon emissions, economic development, and social harmony.

In order to fully protect the advantages of bamboo resources in Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou and surrounding areas, the company will focus on building the bamboo industry economic belt in the southwest, developing bamboo industry and regional economic development, environmental protection, eco-tourism, green tourism and gardening. The combination of complex, rural construction, and increased income of forest farmers. Market-oriented, bamboo forest improvement and cultivation as the foundation, enterprises as the link, science and technology innovation as the magic weapon, Chongqing Dazu District People's Government issued special preferential policies to mobilize the township street support companies in the jurisdiction to establish 100,000 in the form of “company + farmer” in Dazu District The Muzhu Industrial Base will guarantee the production and supply of raw materials for the project to help the healthy and sustainable development of the company. Coordinated the integration of the bamboo industry base into the reserve forest project and obtained relevant support. It is the main body of marketing of this new ecological building materials, responsible for investment, production and operation.